About Saiga

At Saiga, we want to fix your life admin

Feel that there's too much to do and not enough time? You're not the only one, and we're here to help. This is why we invented Saiga.

Hi, I’m Karl Moritz, the founder of Saiga. To be completely honest with you, I created Saiga to solve my own life admin issues. In 2018, I moved back to Germany with my wife and our young children, and I received a shocking lesson in just how exhausting life admin can be. We had to file taxes in two countries (the joy!) while sorting out an apartment and credit cards. We had to find a school place, a good nursery, and make sure everyone had their vaccinations. We were snowed under in paperwork from mobile phones, internet, and insurances. And did you know that moving countries effectively resets your credit score? That made sorting out a credit card interesting …
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Not exactly my idea of fun, especially as we were both working and our youngest child didn't yet sleep through the night. But it was also an opportunity. Before Saiga, I spent ten years working in machine learning research, studying how to get computers to understand language. While looking at the insane number of boring forms and letters I was dealing with, a thought popped into my head: what if we could teach computers to understand these? Then we wouldn’t have to read the blasted things ourselves anymore.

Meet the team at Saiga

Based in Berlin, we are an international team of like-minded people with a shared loathing for pointless admin. Trust me when I say we’re fed up of the form-filling that comes with renewing, cancelling and changing subscriptions; filing documents and later finding those documents again; pinging emails back and forth … you know the story.

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Karl Moritz

How are we building Saiga?

Saiga is made in Germany with a strong focus on data protection. Learn how we encode this in our core principles. You can follow - and participate in - the development of Saiga by looking at our roadmap and signing up to join us!