Core Principles

About our mission

We want to improve lives by giving our customers more time, saving them money and reducing their stress.


Make it work

Saiga will intelligently take work off your hands. It's not another to-do list or calendar with pretty colours to plan your week. Sure, we can do that, but better still: Saiga will do the admin for you.

You’re the competition

We know Saiga is only useful to you if it saves you time, and we want it to do tasks for you better than you could do them yourself. In short, you're the competition. We don't aim to give you to do lists, we aim to cross things off your list.

 Machines are good, but humans are better

We love using machine learning to make life easier, but we can't replace human judgement either. We have a team of human helpers who verify and double-check decisions by our algorithms to make sure that Saiga really delivers.
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It's your data

This should be obvious, but these days it's not. Your data is your data. Just because you put data into your personal cloud at Saiga doesn't make it our data.

  • We will never sell your data
  • We will not package up your data and sell it in aggregate

You're the customer, not the product

Internet services are rarely free, because you end up paying with your data and privacy. But that's not our style… we believe in the integrity of our service, so we're not looking to sell your data. We want you to be our customer because we save you time and money, not because we're free.

Breaking up is easy

We'd like you to stay but if you want to leave, that's fine too. With the press of a button, you can export your data in a convenient fashion, and with a button below you can delete everything Saiga knows about you. We'll be sad to see you gone, but we'll help you leave with no trace. How is that for data privacy?

Banking level security

Data protection, security, and privacy are at the heart of everything we do. We use banking-level encryption to make sure that your data stays safe.

You know, an assistant that will help you.

Like all good helpers, Saiga will become an assistant that anticipates you admin needs to free up your time.

An intelligent safe that stores and sorts your files
Tasks automated and ready for approval
Your data and information at your fingertips

Say goodbye to typing IBAN numbers, searching for receipts, and looking up the phone number of the guy who repaired your washing machine.