About Saiga

Feel that there's too much to do and not enough time? You're not the only one, and we're here to help. This is why we invented Saiga.

We automate the work you do when you're not at work

Nobody likes daily planning, checking accounts, and finding paperwork. It seems like the admin multiplies as life goes on, as you add kids, mortgages, and bills into the mix… but we're here to solve the red tape. We take this work off your hands so you can get on with the things that really matter, like spending time with family or relaxing.

Some of the things we want to simplify

  • Paying bills and checking invoices
  • Organising babysitters, planning drop-off and pick-up of the kids from school and activities
  • Dealing with government bureaucracy, from immigration to residential parking permits
  • Organising your paperwork to speed things up in future
  • Finding all the documents needed for your tax return to send to your accountant or software
  • Knowing which contracts to renew, which to cancel, and which to renegotiate

Want to wish this admin away?

Think of how much easier your day would be if it was taken care of. That's exactly what Saiga will do for you…

Let Saiga be your personal assistant

Saiga can take care of the details while you make some space for the fun stuff. Don't think of a digital assistant that can only play music or fetch trivia. You're more likely to hear "Hi, I've filed all your documents and prepared some forms. Could you please look these through and swipe right to approve? Also, we should schedule a service for your car – would you like me to do this for next Tuesday when you're free in the afternoon?"

You know, an assistant that will help you.

Like all good helpers, Saiga will become an assistant that anticipates you admin needs to free up your time.

An intelligent safe that stores and sorts your files
Tasks automated and ready for approval
Your data and information at your fingertips

Say goodbye to typing IBAN numbers, searching for receipts, and looking up the phone number of the guy who repaired your washing machine.